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Birth Control Specialist

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If you’re searching for the right birth control for your needs, the team at Chula Vista OB/GYN can help. Mauricio Levine, MD, can advise you on the method that’s best for you, and discuss the pros and cons of various options in depth. Book an appointment today to get started. Scheduling is as easy as a visit to the online scheduling page or a call to the office to speak with a friendly staff member.

Birth Control Q & A

What are my birth control options?

You have choices when it comes to family planning tools, which is a great thing. However, the sheer volume of choices can make the process of finding the right method a bit intimidating. There are two primary forms of birth control: hormonal methods and barrier methods.

Hormonal birth control

These options prevent pregnancy by altering your hormonal balance. Some preventing ovulation and others thicken your cervical mucus to make it more difficult for sperm to reach an egg.

Hormonal birth control options include:

  • Birth control pills
  • Patches
  • Vaginal rings
  • Intrauterine device
  • Birth control injections
  • Implants

Barrier birth control

These options prevent pregnancy by impeding the ability of sperm to reach an egg.

Barrier birth control options include:

  • Condoms, male and female
  • Birth control sponge
  • Cervical cap
  • Diaphragm

You can further decrease the risk of pregnancy by using a spermicide with barrier birth control methods.

How do I know which type of birth control is right for me?

The best place to begin is with a thorough consultation with Dr. Levine. Share details about your lifestyle and your previous experience with birth control methods. That gives him the information needed to narrow down your choices and help you find the right method.

What works for one woman may not be right for another. For example, a college student who’s sure she doesn’t want to consider pregnancy for many years and who’s living a busy lifestyle might be a great candidate for the birth control implant, which is very effective and lasts for many years. A woman nearing menopause may opt for a birth control pill with a low dose of estrogen, which can improve some of the symptoms of perimenopause.

What about the rhythm method?

The rhythm method, also known as fertility tracking, involves tracking your menstrual cycle to predict your most fertile days. Avoiding intercourse on those days reduces your risk of pregnancy.

This approach is not recommended unless you’re fully prepared for pregnancy. Compared to other forms of birth control, the rhythm method isn’t very effective.

To explore your birth control options, book a visit with Dr. Levine today, online or by phone.